Submission Opens Doors (Tiffany Stone Pendant)


Submission Opens Doors (Tiffany Stone Pendant)


"Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established." - Proverbs 16:3

This pendant is the Proverb in real life.  When I first set out to work on this piece of jewelry nothing went correctly; the bezel wire (that piece of silver around the outside of the gemstone) wouldn't solder (think melt) to the silver backing, I burned myself a few times, I melted some bezel wire and had to start over - finally, I acknowledged that my super artistic design for this gemstone was not His will.

 See, I had not submitted my original design to Him and God had closed the door on my design.  (Looks a bit like a jellyfish, doesn't it.) That door that God had closed was not going budge no matter what tools and tricks I used. (ref. Rev. 3:7)

After taking a break from this gemstone for a few days while I worked on other pieces of jewelry and prayed for His divine inspiration, this minimalistic setting came to mind.  The best part, it all came together on the first go - He had opened a door and established my plan.

My prayer for the owner of this pendant is that you recognize the closed doors, submit your plans to our good and loving Heavenly Father, and have the courage to walk through the doors that He opens for you.

Tiffany Stone is an extremely rare semi-precious gemstone found in only one place in the world - Brush Wellman Beryllium Mine located near Delta, in Western Utah.

This beautiful gemstone is also known as Bertrandite, Opalized Fluorite, and Opalite.  The mine that it comes from is one of the few sources in the world for Beryllium, a metallic element used in military, aerospace, and medical applications.  Unfortunately the Tiffany Stone is nearly always crushed during the mining process for Beryllium; hence the rarity of this beautiful gemstone.  

This gemstone pendant is set in solid fine silver with a solid sterling silver bail.

  • Drop is approximately 1.5"
  • Width is approximately 1.4"
  • Thickness is approximately 0.25" at center

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