Jewelry that Pays It Forward

Every piece of jewelry that you purchase from Elements of Grace helps to heal hearts, bring joy, and inspire a relationship with God – it’s Jewelry that Pays It Forward. 

As a Christ-centered company, we are committed to giving back.  At least $0.10 of every dollar that we earn is given to charitable organizations including Bible Project, God’s Pit Crew, KSBJ/ Hope Media Group, and others.  Those organizations have been selected based on their mission, Christian values, and impact on the community.

Elements of Grace has also partnered with Christian organizations in the community to help them raise funds to expand their mission.  For these incredible organizations, we design collections of jewelry that encompass the values of their organization and our Savior.  These collections can be found listed on our Collections page.

For more information about the organizations that we mentioned above, please visit their websites.

God's Pit Crew:

KSBJ/ Hope Media Group:

Bible Project: