The Second Blessing (Rosarita Pendant)


The Second Blessing (Rosarita Pendant)


"Ruth gleaned in the field until evening.  When she threshed out what she had gathered, she ended up with nearly a full sack of barley! She gathered up her gleanings, went back to town, and showed her mother-in-law the results of her day's work; she also gave her the leftovers from her lunch." -Ruth 2:17-18 MSG

Rosarita is what can be gleaned from gold smelting.  When gold is extracted from ore, the ore is heated to extremely high temperatures.  During this process the gold sinks to the bottom of the smelting pot while the non-metals solidify into boulders that have red and orange colors.  The red boulders have become known as Rosarita.  

It is an eco-friendly stone that is gleaned from what has been left behind by others.  This gorgeous glass-like gemstone has been through the fire much like Ruth was tested and shown to have a pure heart.

Please note that the Rosarita gemstone is a somewhat fragile gemstone due to its glass-like properties and will need to be handled with care by the owner.

This pendant has been bezel set in solid fine silver with a solid sterling silver border against a copper background.  It is shown in the photos with a sterling silver chain (sold separately).

  • Approximately 1.25" wide and 1.25" long
  • Comes with 18" brown leather cord necklace with sterling silver lobster-style clasp

(Please contact us via email for pricing on sterling silver chain; it is available by special order only.)

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Handmade with love.

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