The Looking Glass (Labradorite Pendant)


The Looking Glass (Labradorite Pendant)


We have likely all heard the song by with lyrics that say "You make beauty from ashes" by Elevation Worship in which they paraphrase Isaiah 61:3, but may not have considered the in-depth meaning behind those words.

Each of us has the opportunity to choose how we view our lives - the way the world sees it or the way that God does.  We can look at the things that we experience as defeating or as opportunities to grow in character.  If we choose the latter, we can use those experiences to help others and encourage them; to shine light where they see darkness.

To be the person that God has purposed each of us to be requires a multitude of experiences that will shape our character.  The people that we meet, how they interact with us, and how we respond to them are all a part of the process.  This gemstone is no different.  It is made of some of the most common materials on the planet all melded together in a unique and beautiful way. Labradorite could look like so many common stones that we see but that wasn't how it came together; instead, it has a labradorescence when light hits it from certain directions giving off intense colors of blues and violets through overtones of green, yellow, or orange.  

It is an example of how we can reflect the beauty from experiences, fractures, and imperfections back to the world.  

Labradorite semi-precious gemstone pendant set in solid fine silver

  • Approximate 2.3" drop

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Handmade with love.

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