Layers of God (Copper Rose/ Kingston Conglomerate Pendant and Collar)


Layers of God (Copper Rose/ Kingston Conglomerate Pendant and Collar)


Just like this necklace there are layers to the personality of God; we do not see his whole personality at once. He reveals it to us over time as we go through the seasons of our life, as we go through the situations of life. Throughout the course of our time here, on this earth, God reveals Himself. He does this through His word in Scripture. He does this through how He takes care of us. We can see Him in the fresh, crisp mornings of spring and fall, in the pristine white blanket of snow in the winter, in the breeze that cools on those hot summer days, and in those beautiful nights throughout the year.  It’s through the cry of a baby and the loving arms of a mother’s soothing song; it’s through the compassionate embrace of a dear friend, or that first kiss shared by a couple. God reveals Himself to us in so many ways and He reveals His personality in layers. 

In Genesis it speaks about how He (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) made us in His image; we carry aspects of His personality though rarely displaying them all at once.  As you wear this necklace notice the layers each having their own characteristics. The surface of the copper glistens when polished; it can also gain a patina over time showing beautiful colors that didn’t appear before.  The silver can do the same, while the gemstone itself will remain unchanged.

As for the gemstone, it is extremely unique. It is found in only one location in the entire world, a mineshaft near the Portage Lake region of Michigan.  This gemstone, Kingston Conglomerate, is considered part of the family of rock (tholeiitic basalt) that is normally found in towering mountain ranges where there is currently or has been in the past volcanic activity.  But just like Jesus who condescended to walk among us (Emmanuel), Kingston Conglomerate (aka Copper Rose) condescended from the towering mountain ranges where its rock family friends are normally found.  Instead, it is found in Michigan where there is a nearly fairly accessible mountain range of low peaks called the Huron Mountains.  This single source is within a mine that has 96 levels and only has been found at drill hole #35. 

I pray that as you wear this necklace as you celebrate the moments of your life; let Him reveal to you everything that is wonderful and good and holy about Him and let this necklace be a reminder of those things that He has revealed to you for as God said in Isaiah 41:4, He is our only God. Let His beautiful personality and character flow through you and shine within you.

  • Glimpse the beauty of the rare Kingston Conglomerate gemstone, bezel-set in fine silver against a stunning sterling silver and copper backdrop to show off its charming hue, all held in this exquisite pendant from the Calumet & Hecla Mine in Houghton County Michigan.
  • Included!!! - Made in the USA by renowned silversmith Gloria Yellowhorse, this expertly crafted vintage sterling silver neck collar is a one-of-a-kind find that is included with the pendant
  • This pendant is versatile, doubling as both a collar or chain accessory!

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