HE Knows Best – Andean Blue Opal Pendant


HE Knows Best – Andean Blue Opal Pendant


Let’s start with just the words “He knows best”. There’s

  • He – God, Yahweh, Abba, Creator, Jehovah;
  • knows - He knows “the end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10);
  • and best, not better but best.

He knows best.

He knows the plans that he has for you. He knows what is best for you. He knows what He has planned for you according to Jeremiah 29:11 He has a plan “to give you a hope and a future” and He knows what it will take to get you there. He knows best.

When I started on this particular piece of jewelry, the opal was actually bought with the intention to become a pair of earrings. There is a mirrored piece of beautiful Peruvian blue opal with a pattern like I’ve never seen before or since, but as I crafted the bezel wire that goes around the gemstone, sized the fine silver back plate, soldered everything together, assembled the top of the earrings with the posts, connected all of the pieces, and began to set to opal itself, I realized that somethings were not falling into place the way that I had planned. 

The earrings were heavier than I had anticipated. I continued to work on setting the opals into their freshly crafted bezel settings and waited to set the gemstones that were meant for the top of the earrings. I had to have patience and just work on the step that I was on instead of trying to skip ahead even though I so wanted to.  (Sometimes we have to have patience, because while we think we know what we’re doing, if we rush into it, we may mess the whole thing up.)   See, I could hardly wait to see the completed piece that I had been envisioning, but I could see that there might be another plan, so I placed the blue opal into the bezel setting of the second earring and fit the bezel walls around it. 

Again, I noticed that it seemed a little heavy and that they weren’t perfect mirrors of each other.  In fact, there was a pretty obvious difference between the two opals.  It was then that I realized why it was so important that I waited to set those top gemstones as I had to make a decision.

Though I did not like the decision that I was making, undoing something that I had done, I had to cut a part of my hard work off and split something that I planned as being a pair into three separate pieces. This pair of absolutely gorgeous gemstones that I thought were going to be a pair of earrings were going to now be two pendants, because they were too heavy to be earrings and didn’t match.  That’s when I remembered that there’s a Scripture that talks about the plans of man are many but the purpose of God will prevail.  As I gave up my plans and lopped off of the top of the earrings, I saw two incredibly similar, but very, very different pendants emerge.  I realized how incredibly unique and beautiful they were. They may look almost the same, but they are so uniquely different.  His plans that He knew from the beginning prevailed – now there’s a pair of post earrings that will get used for something else that He has already inspired and two amazing pendants all because He knows best (and His plans will succeed).

  • Natural Andean Blue Opal Pendant bezel-set in solid fine silver with solid sterling silver bail
  • Pendant is approximately 1.8" in length
  • 18" Sterling Silver Cable Chain Necklace included

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