Stars and Pearl
Stars and Pearl $125.00
This delicate sterling silver paperclip chain necklace adorned with dainty stars and a natural pearl will compliment any outfit. A beautiful piece of jewelry that elevates any look - it's the perfect way to express your style. 18" necklace Sterling Silver Natural pearl
The Second Blessing (Rosarita Pendant) The Second Blessing (Rosarita Pendant)
The Second Blessing (Rosarita Pendant) $150.00
"Ruth gleaned in the field until evening.  When she threshed out what she had gathered, she ended up with nearly a full sack of barley! She gathered up her gleanings, went back to town, and showed her mother-in-law the results of her day's work; she also gave her the leftovers from her lunch." -Ruth 2:17-18 MSG Rosarita is what can be gleaned from gold smelting.  When gold is extracted from ore, the ore is heated to extremely high temperatures.  During this process the gold sinks to the bottom of the smelting pot while the non-metals solidify into boulders that have red and orange colors.  The red boulders have become known as Rosarita.   It is an eco-friendly stone that is gleaned from what has been left behind by others.  This gorgeous glass-like gemstone has been through the fire much like Ruth was tested and shown to have a pure heart. Please note that the Rosarita gemstone is a somewhat fragile gemstone due to its glass-like properties and will need to be handled with care by the owner. This pendant has been bezel set in solid fine silver with a solid sterling silver border against a copper background.  It is shown in the photos with a sterling silver chain (sold separately). Approximately 1.25" wide and 1.25" long Comes with 18" brown leather cord necklace with sterling silver lobster-style clasp (Please contact us via email for pricing on sterling silver chain; it is available by special order only.)
Ascension (Partial Drusy Geode Pendant on Leather Necklace)
Ascension (Partial Drusy Geode Pendant on Leather Necklace) $150.00
The mesmerizing glints of this Drusy gemstone beam like rays as they ascend into a white cloud at the heart of this triangular pendant. It is reminiscent of the ascension to Glory Scripture talks about for Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus. Two ascended without dying, while Jesus ascended after conquering death, hell and the grave.  This simple yet ever so impactful necklace is a daily reminder that He lives! Drop is approximately 1.7" Width is approximately 1.25" 18" brown leather cord necklace with sterling silver lobster clasp (made in the USA)
Copper Rutile Quartz Pendant Necklace
Copper Rutile Quartz Pendant Necklace $150.00
Marvel at the vibrancy of this 3.3ct Copper Rutile Quartz gemstone, prong-set in sterling silver and displayed on a brown leather cord necklace! A timeless classic with an up-to-date flair, this minimalist pendant radiates sparkle and style. 3.3ct Copper Rutilated Quartz 18" Leather Cord Necklace with Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp
Raindrop Azurite from K2 Mountain Pendant Necklace
Raindrop Azurite from K2 Mountain Pendant Necklace $150.00
This luminous semiprecious gem was mined at the foot of majestic K2 - the second tallest mountain in the world! Azurite "raindrops", a copper mineral, seeped into the granite to form this beautiful gemstone that has been bezel-set in sterling silver.  This stunning pendant dangles from a black-leather cord necklace and offers the perfect compliment to any outfit. This pendant's exceptional versatility allows you to switch the leather cord necklace for a sterling silver chain to elevate your look! Phenomenal!
Lapis Lazuli Trinity Pendant Necklace
Lapis Lazuli Trinity Pendant Necklace $165.00
    This beautiful Lapis Lazuli pendant holds an incredible place in history. As the second stone in the second row of Aaron's breastplate and one of the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem, it is renowned for its ethereal beauty. Some even claim God wrote the 10 Commandments on a Lapis Lazuli stone! This extraordinary blue gemstone with flecks of yellow pyrite is elegantly suspended on a natural brown leather cord, adorned with a symbol of the Holy Trinity. A timeless piece that celebrates the past and embraces the present.  
Lapis Lazuli Raindrop Pendant Necklace
Lapis Lazuli Raindrop Pendant Necklace $165.00
 Lapis Lazuli has long been revered for its beauty and significance in history. Represented in the second stone of the second row of Aaron's breastplate, the second foundation stone of the New Jerusalem (still to come), and even believed to be the stone etched with the Ten Commandments, this gem is indeed special. A deep blue hued stone flecked with yellow pyrite and other minerals, this Lapis Lazuli pendant is shaped like a raindrop to remind the wearer that Jesus is our Provider. The dainty piece hangs gracefully from a natural brown leather cord - a timeless reminder of the beauty and wonder of God's work.