"RecoveryChick is a Ministry that was born out of my own personal testimony.  So a little bit about the high level overview of RecoveryChick, we are a 501c3 non-profit Ministry that provides housing, safe, affordable, accessible housing for women in substance abuse recovery and we remove barriers to recovery.  We help them get on their feet.  I would like to say it's a hand up, not a handout." - Cynthia Corder, CEO of RecoveryChick

The Wings of Courage™ collection directly benefits RecoveryChick and celebrates the courage of every person who seeks to find freedom.

The inspiration behind this collection came from the first annual RecoveryChick gala. "So, we were sitting at this gala and you're wearing these gorgeous angel wings.  They were so amazing. The theme was angels and so that birthed this idea of angel wings...The reason behind it is the idea that an angel symbolizes protection and love and harmony and faith and all these amazing attributes.  The women that go through your program, well they have those attributes; they have to surrender their old life and have so much courage to take on a new life." - Celeste Rudd

In the collection we have the necklace which comes in a precious little box; even the top flap of the box is a cleaning cloth. Inside this little, beautiful box is a gorgeous angel wing necklace that is sterling silver with pretty, sparkly, white, natural diamonds!  Who doesn't love them? The “RC” dangle is in rose gold which stands for RecoveryChick; we wanted to get the pink in there since pink is the color. The pendant is on an adjustable chain so whether you want to wear it long or short it will adjust to you.  

Prov 31 is engraved on the back of the angel wings. "It's amazing.  That is a scripture that we speak over them all the time Woman of Valor, you know, her beauty far exceeds them all, why?  Because she loves the Lord." - Cynthia Corder, CEO of RecoveryChick

The ladies that graduate from the program receive this necklace at graduation.  "This is handcrafted for them. I showed them this last week in our Freedom Friday meeting; they felt so special.  They're having a piece of jewelry that would stay with them that has diamonds in it.  That they know that they're valuable.  It is absolutely beautiful." - Cynthia Corder, CEO of RecoveryChick

The Wings of Courage™ earrings are also angel wings in sterling silver.  “They have rhodolite garnet. We think of garnet and it's normally red but rhodolite is this beautiful fuchsia pink color to match your beautiful pink.  So, they're really pretty. They’re super lightweight ladies and are just so sweet.  They can dress up or dress down, but the best part is when you're wearing them, you're reminded of courage, and you're reminded of hope and faith.  You're helping an incredible organization in the process.” – Celeste Rudd

The bracelet is again sterling silver with rhodolite garnet. It perfectly matches the earrings and the length is adjustable.  “I hadn’t seen it in person yet; I just saw the design but just looking at it from here it looks so quality.  I mean it's a nice piece of jewelry… It looks like a real quality, sturdy, fine piece of jewelry.” - Cynthia Corder, CEO of RecoveryChick

Contained in the cards that come with each piece of jewelry, there's a blessing. It's a thank you and a blessing, but even more importantly there is a card that comes and explains the piece and explains RecoveryChick. So, if you give it as a gift, whoever receives it will understand the purpose of the piece and can learn more by going to the QR code and then it has a link to the RecoveryChick website on that page.

“This is so important for such a time as this because recovery is, you know, up until this present day and age, has been a bit stigmatized like it's in some kind of smoky back room.  We're seeing it across the board that recovery is saving people's lives and it's touching areas.  It's not just on one side of the tracks.  It affects like you said, it affects nearly every family in America.  May we create awareness around addiction recovery.  It shouldn't be and it's not shameful.  So many celebrities and mainstream actors - we're recovering out loud.  That's what I like to say, instead of the anonymous back rooms we're recovering out loud and destroying the stigma.” – Cynthia Corder, CEO of Recovery Chick

After 2020, after we were shut in for so long we saw addiction rise and we saw the results of addiction rise.  We saw a lot of negativity happen whether that was people that decided “hey I can't do it anymore” or it was people that returned to past addictions.  We are now seeing people that are finding the courage again to step forward and say “Hey I'm going to grab my life back” but they're doing that here with having the Redeemer by their side.  The Redeemer who is coming in and saying “Hey I am your kinsman redeemer and I paid for you with my blood. I will hold you up with my righteous hand and bring you forward.”

  Hear the conversation with Cynthia Corder, Founder and CEO of RecoveryChick, about this collection by clicking here.